Complete Nature Box

Complete Nature Box

By putting a box of wildlife friendly goodies into new build homes in the UK we want to create a community of people interested in enjoying and helping wildlife. We’ve teamed up with some of the biggest names in wildlife supplies to make this happen... More info

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What's included?

Seed Box

Flower Power is what your garden and estate really needs! Flowers will provide life giving nectar to insects like bumble bees and butterflies. And they’ll make your garden look lovely. There are instructions on your Kabloom Bomb on how to use it. And why stop with just planting that. Add plants like lavender, honeysuckles and fruit trees to your garden. They will attract all manner of butterflies, bumble bees and birds to your garden.

Bird Box

Your bird box is for blue tits, great tits, house sparrows and if you have them in the area pied flycatchers, tree sparrows and nuthatch and coal tits. Wrens may also use them to spend the winter nights in. Put your nest box at least 3ft off the ground, starting at 5ft would be best. Try and get it out of direct sunlight if possible and facing between north and east. If you can’t do this, it’s still worth trying somewhere. No room in the garden? Is there a tree on your estate – why not put it up on that? Your box may not get used straight away, it might take a few years. Especially if your housing estate is still being built and there is a lot of disturbance. But the sooner you get it up, the more chance you have it’ll be used. Also the more wildlife friendly your garden and estate is, the greater your chances are.

Bird Feeder

This bird feeder is for a mixed seed feed designed to attract the widest range of birds. It’s made from metal to reduce plastic waste. You can expect blue tits, great tits, goldfinches, house sparrows, robins, starlings, pigeons, coal tits, chaffinches are more to try this feeder and feed. Hang it at least 3 ft off the ground and ideally away from anywhere that cats can hide and pounce on the birds. A simple bracket attached to a fence post is ideal. Or of course get yourself a bird table. It's really important to clean your bird feeder regularly with a bit of soap and water as being used so often they can be a place birds will pass infections to each other - just imagine its like your dining table - the same rules apply!

Insect House

Insects are a vital part of every garden ecosystem. They’re needed to pollinate flowers, keep down unwanted pests, and provide a good source of natural food for birds, amphibians and mammals. Without insects, we have nothing else. So providing a home for them is really important. Your insect house should be placed somewhere sheltered and as dry as possible. It could be on a fence or wall or on the ground. It will be a welcome addition to a tidy garden.

Pond Voucher

Just add water….Ponds are probably the greatest thing you can do for nature in your garden or on your estate. They will provide a home for frogs, dragonflies, sticklebacks, newts and toads. They will provide bathing water for birds and drinking water for mammals like hedgehogs. Everything about a pond is a good idea as far as wildlife is concerned. We’ve given you a voucher towards building your own pond. That way you choose how big to make it. It doesn’t matter if it’s just the size of a dustbin lid, it’s going to help. But if you have room for your own Loch Ness – then go for it, the bigger the better. If you can do one thing for nature – build your own pond. There is lots of great advice on this here